Meet Kohl Smith – Broker at G. Stiles Realty

Kohl moved from Iowa to Roseburg in 2002 and received his firefighter and paramedic training from UCC. He’s a firefighter/engineer with Roseburg Fire Department as well as current president of the Roseburg Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 1110. He and his Montana-born wife have three children and love Roseburg’s small-town atmosphere and the surrounding outdoor recreation opportunities.

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Kohl Smith – Broker at G. Stiles Realty

Kohl Smith - G. Stiles Realty - (541) 580-0678
Video Transcription

Brian: We’re at G. Stiles Realty in Roseburg, Oregon with broker Kohl Smith. We want to introduce you to all the awesome brokers here at G. Stiles. Kohl is definitely one of them. Welcome to the internet, I guess, first of all. Tell us a little bit about your family, first of all. You have a wife and three great kids.

Kohl Smith:
Yeah, Brian thanks. I have a wonderful wife, Amanda. Three kids, Leyden, Huxley and Bennett. I first came to Roseburg to start my fire science career at UCC, I got my paramedic there and my fire science degree and began working here at the City of Roseburg Fire Department, been there for about 11 years now.

That’s what I love about Kohl’s story is what brought him to Roseburg and your experience with fire also has led you to the opportunity to negotiate quite a bit. Talk about your role with the Local 1110.

Kohl Smith: I currently sit as the Local 1110 president of our union here and we’re involved in our community activities for MDA Fill the Boot, the Toys for Tots program, Highway Cleanup and various other activities here in the community. Currently working with the Boys and Girls Club right now to put on a benefit dinner for them as well as doing the negotiation for our union contract.

Brian: As a real estate broker, negotiations, obviously, are a key skill that you have to have.

Kohl Smith: Sure, sure.

Brian: There’s a lot of emotion involved a lot of the times. People go in knowing they want something and so there’s a lot of similarities, it feels like, to negotiating a deal in real estate.

Kohl Smith: Yeah, there is and you know, we want to get down to a fair process for both sides so everybody comes together and leaves the table both happy and feel like they got what they wanted. There’s going to be give and take on both sides and, like you said, you have to take some of the emotion out of it. That’s kind of where brokers come into play.

Brian: Absolutely. Well, here at G. Stiles Realty there’s a lot of talk about family. A lot of talk about team work. Tell me a little bit about how that’s played out for you.

Kohl Smith: I don’t know if I could go to another brokerage because I do have my primary job at the fire department and I’m gone for 24 hours. I need to be able to … if something comes in on a transaction, I need somebody else here at the office that can take my place, so to speak, for that day and help move the transaction along because there’s a lot of timelines that are involved as well as just getting the information back to the buyers or sellers in a timely manner.

Brian: If you have Kohl as a broker, the point is, there’s a lot of team work here and so somebody will pick up for you to make sure that customer service ends up being great, which is what G. Stiles Realty is about and that’s what Kohl Smith is about, as well.

How important is customer service to you, just philosophically?

Kohl Smith: Absolutely. On the fire service, when we respond on a call, we’re taking care of that person like it’s our own family member with the highest level of care and customer service and compassion. I bring that over to the real estate side also, I want to take care of my clients like I’d want to be treated or one of my close family members.

Brian: Whether it comes to listing a house or wanting to work with an agent who will find a home that is perfect for you, Kohl Smith is the guy, for sure, here at G. Stiles Realty. Kohl, what’s your phone number, email address? How can people get ahold of you?

Kohl Smith: My phone number is 541-580-0678 or email me at

Brian: All right or you could just call G. Stiles Realty and the number is easy to remember, 541-672-1616, and they’re located here at 662 Northeast Stephens Street in Roseburg.

Kohl, thanks for the time.

Kohl Smith: Yeah, thank you. Take care.

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