G Stiles Hot Tip! You Don’t Need a GPS to Live in Roseburg

                If you are considering relocating to Oregon, G Stiles Realty highly recommends spending a few extra minutes looking into real estate in Roseburg. Take a look at the benefits when you live in Roseburg!

Roseburg, Oregon
Roseburg, Oregon

                Roseburg is an uncluttered, somewhat undiscovered rural city in southern Oregon offering the perfect combination of small-town charm, perfect weather, and outdoor activities from the mountains to the Oregon coast.

                Roseburg is located on Interstate 5, approximately 90 minutes north of Medford, an hour south of Eugene, and about 3 hours south of Portland. Roseburg enjoys more sunshine and less rain than Eugene and Portland, and due to its lower elevation receives very little snowfall in the winter.

                Approximately 25,000 people live in Roseburg, with only 110,000 people living in the surrounding communities throughout Douglas County. The boundaries of the county are set by the Umpqua River drainage, making Douglas County larger than the state of Connecticut.

                G Stiles agents know all of that space provides enough room for new arrivals to find their perfect slice of heaven. A search of Roseburg real estate will include homes in classic neighborhoods, riverfront property, and even some relatively large agriculture and ranch properties.

                A slightly wider search around Roseburg will reveal even more options for people searching for rural properties, ranches, farms, riverfront homes, and smaller communities. Working with a G Stiles real estate agent makes it easy to find the perfect fit for you.

                Another benefit when you live in Roseburg is the number of award-winning wineries all within a 30-minute drive. The Umpqua Valley AVA (American Viticultural Area) features vineyards growing more than 40 varieties of grapes, and more than two dozen wineries. It is a commonly held notion that wine connoisseurs would need to travel through the world’s most famous wine-producing countries in Europe to encounter the same number of varietals as we have in the Umpqua Valley.

                Imagine being able to sample such a wide assortment of award-winning wines in a 50-mile radius in a matter of days, as opposed to spending weeks in Europe to do the same.

                Roseburg hosts summertime events including the Umpqua Valley Arts Festival, Music on the Half Shell, a classic car cruise called Graffiti, and much more.

                For outdoor enthusiasts, the area serves as the perfect launch point for adventures including mountain excursions in the Cascades to the east, short drives to the Pacific Ocean, flyfishing on the North Umpqua River, salmon and steelheading on the Umpqua, biking, hiking, camping, and more.

                It is common to hear stories about people who decide to live in Roseburg after visiting their friends here. All it takes is one trip to some wineries, up the North Umpqua River, or over to the coast on a perfect summer day to make people seriously consider Roseburg as their next home.

                For all the enjoyable attractions for those lucky people who live in Roseburg, one more thing stands out for people who are used to living in larger cities: you won’t need a GPS to get around. Roseburg packs everything into a small town that is easy to navigate. Ten minutes is enough to get to an appointment across town.

                That’s why at G Stiles we say Roseburg is an undiscovered, uncluttered perfect fit for people looking at communities to relocate to in Oregon.

Looking for a new home in Roseburg can be a daunting task, but with the help of a G Stiles Realty real estate agent, it doesn’t have to be. A good agent will know the ins and outs of the market and can help you find the perfect home for your needs.

Start your search of the homes for sale in Roseburg today with a professional broker at G Stiles Realty.

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