Get Your Realtor License: Real Estate Success Requires Great Timing

Your realtor license is just the first step in your career.

Some other key elements will determine your level of success in real estate.

In business, it is said success comes down to three things: location, location, location.

A major element of real estate success is timing, timing, timing.

G Stiles Realty has been in the Roseburg real estate market for many years. We have seen what it takes to succeed. Here are some of the things those years in the real estate industry has taught us.

G Stiles real estate agents work together for real estate success.

Let’s Talk Timing: Get started on your realtor license now to be ready in the spring.

As we head into the fall and winter, right now is a perfect time for new brokers to start working on obtaining their realtor license.

It takes 150 hours of classes before you can take the realtor license test. If you are currently working a 9-5 job, it might take a few months to work through the content and pass the test. Others can do it in less time, but there is no way to cut corners and just jump to the test.

The fall and winter is also typically a more difficult season for new brokers. If you time it right, starting the process now means you will be licensed and ready next spring, when listings increase and opportunity warms up with the weather. This is a good start on a path to real estate success.

Location Still Matters: Research your options for finding a brokerage home.

Even before you start the education process to become a realtor, you can get started on researching where you might want to work once you have your realtor license in hand.

G Stiles Realty has several blog articles that can help you decide which brokerage office might be the best fit for you. The short of it: every real estate office is a little different. Every office charges its brokers a percentage, but not every brokerage office charges for the same things. Read these blogs to learn by G Stiles Realty is different (and better) for new brokers.

Want to skip to the punchline? The common thread for real estate success is support, teamwork, and persistence. Now, read those blogs anyway. No cutting corners, remember?

Success Breeds Success

Every new agent has a big goal – reach the Million Dollar Club. In 2021, 28% of the 345 brokers in Douglas County attained Million Dollar Club status. At G Stiles, 55% of our brokers reached the Douglas County Million Dollar Club in 2021. G Stiles co-owner Greg Johnson believes the reason behind that level of shared real estate success within the company comes from the support brokers receive at G Stiles, and the teamwork that happens between agents.

A very good example of that teamwork is described in Kohl Smith’s testimonial about how he became a G Stiles real estate agent.

Think Ahead: The next five years.

Douglas County has an entire generation of real estate agents who have had successful careers. They are terrific mentors for new agents, and should provide solid examples for anyone beginning their careers in real estate.

By some estimates, as many as one-third of those agents will be considering retirement in the next five years. So when we talk about timing, those agents who start now can be part of the next generation of agents in Douglas County.

Plan on Renewing Your Realtor License: The best approach to any new venture is to commit to the long term. It should be no surprise that a record number of people started their real estate career in 2021Soaring home prices and lightning-fast sales attracted some new agents in the get-rich-quick crowd. Real estate success takes time to find.

To read G Stiles’ take on the right approach to a real estate career, read this blog entry from G Stiles Realty: Take a Long-Term Approach to Your Real Estate Career.

G Stiles Realty is a smaller, independent office that uses a straight percentage on sales and doesn’t charge agents for office support or desk space. G Stiles offers agents their own office, desk, and phone along with office support including a receptionist, conference room, and printing of promotional content, marketing, and flyers. G Stiles also covers all office expenses and E&O insurance.

BTW, using Instagram for real estate is a great idea. It’s just not the only idea and there are do’s and don’ts on the Gram you should be aware of.

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