Take a Long-Term Approach to Your Real Estate Career

It should be no surprise that a record number of people started their real estate career in 2021. Soaring home prices and lightning-fast sales are bound to attract the get-rich-quick crowd. The interest in launching a real estate career continues. “How to become a real estate agent” is still one of the most popular search terms on Google this year.

It seems like every time you open your Instagram feed another friend has caught the bug. That steady stream of fancy headshots and excited posts about selling another home might be splashy and get some attention, but if you are serious about real estate, there are some tips new real estate agents should follow to make sure your real estate career lasts longer than this recent explosion in the market.

Sure, everyone wants to ride the wave, but a far better way to go about becoming a real estate agent is to take a long-term approach to the process and build something that will last the rest of your professional life.

The team at G Stiles Realty offers a few suggestions to people who are looking into a real estate career for the right reasons.

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There are brokerages out there looking to take advantage of those short-term agents looking to make a quick buck. Some places (especially newer ones) brag about the huge new crop of agents they are signing. They might have office spaces mimicking Google, offer seemingly large commission splits, and claim to have fancy marketing plans guaranteed to drive listings your way. Their sales pitch to you might come up just short of flashing lights, loud music, and confetti.

For long-term success, get to know the person whose name is on the building before you get into a business relationship with them. Ask specific questions about how their splits work, what you have to pay for and what is included as support for you and your business. Some places charge agents for things like their desk, phone, copies, yard signs, marketing and more. Those costs eat into your profit.

There might be real estate offices in your hometown that offer a more personal setting with assistance in training, more teamwork, and simple office support that can make a big difference in your experience and your success.

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No one can take the real estate exam for you, and the owner of your office cannot pay for the test. Those things are on you.

However, there is nothing wrong with asking experienced agents to help you understand concepts or provide you with some tips on various aspects of the profession. In fact, this might be one of the things that separate a great office from a not-so-great office for you.

Are the other agents helpful? Is there a mentor inside the building who is happy to help you? Sometimes experienced realtors who see the determination and focus from a soon-to-be realtor turns into leads and sales later.

But it all starts with studying for and passing the real estate exam. So get after it.

  • Tony Guido: In an industry that promotes experience, find another way to promote yourself.
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One of the hardest things about being a new agent is that everyone knows you are a new agent. Experience truly matters in real estate. The agents who have been around for 30 years know things that only come with time. (Another reason to work for an office with agents who are willing to help you out.)

5-star reviews are crucial for new agents. Do not squander the resource of a happy client as they are completing the signing and receiving the keys to their new home. Get pictures and a review before they get out the door to start packing.

Customer service, persistence, a calm and encouraging demeanor, accuracy, and attitude are all attributes people want in their real estate agent – new or not. Dedicate yourself to these things from day one. Take classes on customer service in real estate, follow podcasts and profiles of the people you want to emulate and then emulate them.

If you are lucky, that person might be in the office where you will be working.

Some very successful, long-term real estate agents will most certainly be born in this current market. It is possible for the flashy new offices to have staying power. However, becoming a real estate agent takes much more than the ability to cash big commission checks day after day.

For long-term success in real estate, follow these tips, plan to work very hard, and enjoy the process.

G Stiles Realty is a smaller, independent office that uses a straight percentage on sales and doesn’t charge agents for office support or desk space. G Stiles offers agents their own office, desk, and phone along with office support including a receptionist, conference room, and printing of promotional content, marketing, and flyers. G Stiles also covers all office expenses and E&O insurance.

BTW, using Instagram for real estate is a great idea. It’s just not the only idea and there are do’s and don’ts on the Gram you should be aware of.

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