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Greg Johnson, Co-Owner of G. Stiles Realty started his career in real estate in 1990 and earned his CCIM designation in 1996. Through the years, Greg has seen everything there is to see in the world of real estate. He talks to potential realtors often and has a “go to list” of recommendations for anyone who is seriously considering a career in real estate.

Greg Johnson, G. Stiles Realty
Greg Johnson Owner/Principal Broker CCIM GRICell: (541) 430-4734 Learn more about Greg

Here are Greg Johnson’s top recommendations for stepping into the exciting world of real estate:

Develop a business plan. I work with new agents to develop a real plan for success. Look at your new career in real estate as a business. We plan ahead to answer the question of what do I do AFTER passing the real estate exam? That’s a great question to answer before you get your license. If its wrong, you can modify it as you go. I always say it’s easier to turn a car around than when it is standing still.

We talk about working with your strengths instead of your weaknesses. Some offices want you to do cold calls, but if you aren’t comfortable with that idea, you aren’t going to do that work and you won’t succeed. I like to determine what someone likes to do and what they are good at and build a plan around those strengths.

We answer another tough question through the planning process. What do I do when the leads dry up? If you are going to have a long career in real estate, you are going to have to survive some lean times. Let’s have the to do list ready for that before it happens.

It isn’t about having a career in real estate. It’s about having a successful career in real estate.

Greg Johnson – G. Stiles Realty

Set goals. The planning process also helps you set goals. I like working with a new agent to help them set goals. Realistic ones. Where do you want to be after one year or two years? Five years? Twenty years?

There is a lot to learn after you have passed the exam. Like a drivers’ license doesn’t mean you know how to actually drive, your real estate license doesn’t mean you know the realities of what it’s like to actually buy and sell real estate. I give my new brokers lessons in how real estate works.

It’s important for new agents to understand that they are not an employee any more. Once you have your license, you are literally a business owner. Treat it that way. You paid for the test and the education. Now you need to put skin in the game with advertising yourself.

Develop A Personal Leads List. Real estate is all about personal contacts. It’s about who you know. People tend to work with those they know.

Before I even took the exam back in 1990 I had a list of about 600 people I knew or who knew me. I have every new broker do the same thing. Who do you know personally? Who are the first people you can think of who would trust you to sell their house or property? Write those names down and make them the first calls you make when you have your license in hand.

Think about people at church, work, school, clubs, your relatives, neighbors, and friends and start there. Even if they aren’t in the market right now, they might know people who are. And, if someone who trusts you recommends you, that’s a lead. New to real estate or not, that’s how real estate works!

Develop a niche. Once you have your real estate license, you are now in a competitive business. How are you going to set yourself apart?

Let’s go back to the first suggestion about having a plan and playing to your strengths. What do you love to do? Are you a horse person? Love motorcycles? Live on a farm or ranch? Love golf? Use your insiders knowledge to become an expert in real estate properties that would fit a particular use. Imagine the advantage you might have with someone listing a horse property and you are able to talk to them in detail about horses? Go with it. You will sell everything, but take something you are passionate about or know a lot about and make that your niche.

Another way to look at this is to see if there is an area of real estate that is lacking in agents. If no one seems to know anyone who really knows the ins and outs of estate listings, educate yourself in that area and become the ‘go to’ expert in that area. Make it your niche. Even if you don’t know everything about it, this is your chance to capture that area of the market.

It’s not about having a career in real estate. It’s about having a successful career in real estate.

We have only scratched the surface when it comes to the advice Greg Johnson provides to prospective agents and the lucky ones who commit to joining G. Stiles Realty. You can benefit directly from Greg Johnson‘s years of success in real estate. He loves talking to prospective real estate agents. Reach out via email or call the office at (541) 672-1616 and set up an appointment with him.

Greg and his wife Carol bought G. Stiles Realty from Georgia Stiles in 1988. Since then, they have bought and sold thousands of properties in Douglas County, Oregon. Find out more about G. Stiles Realty on their website and make sure to see the G. Stiles Facebook page.

G Stiles Realty is a smaller, independent office that uses a straight percentage on sales and doesn’t charge agents for office support or desk space. G Stiles offers agents their own office, desk, and phone along with office support including a receptionist, conference room, and printing of promotional content, marketing, and flyers. G Stiles also covers all office expenses and E&O insurance.

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