Catching Up with G Stiles Oregon Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Broker John Marsh

Catching Up with G Stiles Oregon Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Broker John Marsh

Catching Up with John Marsh - G Stiles Realty - (541) 672-1616 - NE Stephens St, Roseburg

Hi, I’m John Marsh and I am a commercial and industrial real estate broker for G. Stiles Realty in Roseburg, Oregon. I was in the military for 22 years, in industrial distribution for 30 years, and now am in real estate.

What brought you in to real estate?

Well, the thing that brought me to it initially is my wife, Melanie, who is also a broker at G. Stiles. Basically she leased me a building four years ago and she came along with it. Best thing that ever happened to me.

In my 30 years in the industrial market I was district manager for the Pacific Northwest and involved in many aspects of business, a lot of analytical, a lot of research. So in talking with her one of the things that go me into it was coming on board, getting my license and being able to work alongside her, help her with some of the paperwork so she could focus her time as she saw it more productively. It also was a great learning experience because it helped me learn a great deal more about the commercial and industrial market.

What experience do you bring to real estate?

The industrial side and commercial, both the industrial side, again coming from an industrial background, gave me a good perspective as far as what is needed in site selection, what is needed as infrastructure, what is needed as improvements, and really what the client is looking for to serve their needs for an industrial property.

How do you describe your approach to real estate?

I’m a pretty laid back guy. I’m also very black and white, so in discussion with clients I tell them what they need to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear. And so I look at that that at times I’m an advocate whether that be an advocate for them or devil’s advocate to make sure that they really get what they need.

What experience do you bring to your real estate approach?

Surprisingly enough, coming from the background that I had with industrial, it was more of a structured type industry. So coming into real estate I find that even on the industrial side and the commercial side, there is still an air of emotion, and I do my best to keep emotion out of that. I also have the ability to put myself in the client’s shoes, to better understand them and what they’re looking for and understand their perspective. Until I understand their perspective, it’s difficult to really help them with what they need.

If you have a business plan or need assistance in a business plan, if you need help with site selection, sitting down and going through and doing an interview process prior to looking at properties or trying to select properties. That interview process works both ways. That gives me a chance to interview and find out exactly what it is that you’re looking for and what your needs are, but it also gives you a chance to get to know me a little bit.

Where are you based and how can people contact you?

Primarily I focus in the Douglas County area, again in commercial and industrial real estate, but my license works through the whole state of Oregon, and I am familiar with Oregon from the northern border to the southern border east and west. So if you’re looking for commercial property, industrial property and business investment, give me a call. My cell number’s 541-378-5770 or you can email me at


 John’s extensive background in industrial technologies, business management and sales led him to receiving his license in Real Estate as an industrial, commercial sales and lease expert. Let John find you the perfect commercial property by contacting him at or (541) 378-5770.

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