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Denny Kruse, GStiles Realty
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Denny Kruse’s family was a well-known farming family in the Umpqua Valley for many years. Denny and his brothers managed the farm together, until a health scare caused Denny to consider a career change.

Denny knew a lot of people, and had some valuable knowledge about what to look for in a particular piece of property. So a conversation with Greg Johnson at G Stiles Realty led to an offer for Denny to give real estate a try.

“It actually took a while to convince me to go get my license and give it a try because I wasn’t sure real estate was a good fit for me,” Denny said. “But thank goodness Greg talked me into it because he gave me what I needed to know to be successful in real estate.”

Denny Kruse credits Greg’s guidance and the support he received from the other agents at G Stiles Realty for his early success.

Denny loves golf. His career in real estate allows him to play golf as often as he would like. Anyone looking for a second career or a part time career. The learning environment, the friendly atmosphere at G Stiles, the help you will get from the other agents make it a perfect place for someone just starting in real estate.

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NOTE: G Stiles Realty is a smaller, independent office that uses a straight percentage on sales and doesn’t charge agents for office support or desk space. G Stiles offers agents their own office, desk, and phone along with office support including a receptionist, conference room, and printing of promotional content, marketing, and flyers. G Stiles also covers all office expenses and E&O insurance.

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