5 Reasons a Roseburg Real Estate Agent is Better Than The Internet

Melody Marsh explains 5 reasons that a Roseburg Oregon real estate agent is better than the internet.

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My name is Melony Marsh with G Stiles Realty. I am a commercial agent. I am going to give you five ways that an agent is better than an internet site.

#1: Values.

An internet site just gives you a quick drive-by snapshot of a property and doesn’t really list any amenities and sets your expectations pretty high. An agent on the other hand can get you inside, let you see it first hand and most of the agents have viewed these properties  prior to and actually can help you make sure it’s the right fit for you.

#2: Incorrect Data.

This is a bad one. These internet sites have got a lot of old information still stored. It actually looks new to someone who isn’t looking at it correctly. This can set your expectations, again, too high because you see these properties and all that old information – the dollar amount…but with an agent, they can actually tell you if the property has been improved, what those improvements are and if the property is still available.

#3: Negotiation. 

Since when does a computer-generated site have your best interest in mind? Agents are professional negotiations. We do have your best interest in mind.

#4: Options.

A computer site does not give you different choices and options as far as sales, purchase, a lease. Agents do. They can help you with a 1031 Exchange, a Sale/Lease Back, or owner carry terms.  Ask an agent to help you with these if you have a question about them.

#5: Intangible Information.

Does an app know the best location for your business? What about your trade area?  An agent on the other hand would. They research. They are professionals at it. They make sure you are not going to get into a conflict situation such as if you pick a building and location you thought was perfect and it turns out there was a parking issue with an adjunct neighbor or tenant that overlapped into your same business hours. An agent can warn you of these kinds of problems that come up and guide you into the right decisions.

My name is Melony Marsh with G Stiles Realty. If you start with the internet, finish with an agent. Give me a call if you have questions about any of your commercial needs.


Melony has 17 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry with 5 years as a Real Estate Assistant for a major investor/developer, handling transactions across the United States. She has a wealth of experience involving water rights, rock quarries, wetlands, mineral rights, eminent domain and land lock issues. Contact Melony at melony@gstiles.com or (541) 580-1600.

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