2855 W Military Avenue

This is a spacious, 3,200 sq ft home on the edge of Roseburg perfect for a large, active family or an adult care home.

It has 6 bedrooms, 2 baths and sits on 2.66 acres.

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Large country home with acreage - 2855 W Military Ave MLS #17362847
Video Transcription

We’re with Greg Johnson from G Stiles Realty at 2855 West Military Avenue in Roseburg, Oregon. This is a really big house, with a really big lot, and it’s beautiful, and it’s ready for you to move into. Greg, why don’t you describe this house for us?

You have six bedrooms, two baths. It’s two level, and there’s over 1,600 square feet on each level. Or total over 3,200 square feet. Each level, you don’t have any stairs to get out into the parking area. It’s paved up to the doors, therefore, it’d be a great place if you wanted to have an adult care home, that type of thing. It’d be great for that, because there’s easy access to each floor. There’s 2.66 acres here, and it is all fenced. It’s usable. It can be used for … if you have a couple of critters you want to have here, a cow, a sheep, or something like that, there’s room to have that. You can even have a horse.

Why don’t you talk to us a little bit about what’s happening here in the kitchen?

The kitchen, they came in, and they remodeled it. They put in granite countertops. Black granite. It’s got the stainless steel sinks. It’s got the double ovens. It’s got a countertop range. It’s got a sub-zero refrigerator in it, and a built in microwave. It’s all been redone with top-notch cabinetry. This house was built in 1966, and it’s a one owner home. The family that’s selling it were the ones that built this house. So it’s in good condition. They’ve taken very good care of it. It’s an estate sale, but it’s not been on the market. This is the first time on the market.

“It’s looking for its next family for the next 50 years, probably. And you can see-”

“That is true.”

” … somebody come in here and stay here that long, couldn’t you?”

“You could. Very easily.”

” This patio behind us is really something as well. I think this patio out here has got to be 25 or 30 feet square, but when you add the closed in fence and the hot tub, you’re looking at another living space, almost. Maybe almost 1,000 square feet.”

“Yeah. It’s all stamped concrete. It’s actually just beautiful out there. It’s not steps going out. You just open the door and just walk right out, which would be great for a care home or something like that. For somebody that wanted to go outside in a wheelchair, or whatever it might be. Great place.”

“With this big kitchen, and the big dining area, and the big living room, there’s a lot of space. But when you look out the front windows towards the city of Roseburg, you can really see things open up. You love the views from this place.”

“Yeah, it’s a spectacular views. Especially at night, because you see all the city lights. You’re out there and you see it, but you’re not way up on top of a mountain or something like this. You’re in close to town so it makes it nice, and it’s still got a lot of privacy. It’s got a gate across the driveway so there is plenty of security here.”

“I don’t see any neighbors, actually. From here I can’t tell where the next house is. That’s true.”

” I know there’s somebody out there just chomping at the bit to see this house. Why don’t you tell us what it’s listed for, and what the MLS number is.”

“Okay. It is listed for $429,000. The MLS number is 17362847. But if you go on RMLS or go on our website, you can just put in the address, which again is 2855 West Military. It’ll come up for you.”

” Or if somebody wants to get in touch with you?”

“You can call me, Greg Johnson, at 430-4734.”

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