709 SE Kane St

709 SE Kane St, Roseburg, Oregon

G Stiles Realty – 709 SE Kane St – Roseburg, Or – (541) 672-1616 A beautiful Victorian 3 bed/2 bath residential or commercial property in downtown Roseburg, Or. MLS #17523993 G Stiles Realty 662 NE Stephens St Roseburg, Or (541) 672-1616 www.gstiles.com http://www.idxhome.com/homes/113526/54/709-SE-KANE-ST-ROSEBURG-OR-97470/17523993

5 Reasons a Roseburg Real Estate Agent is Better Than The Internet

Melody Marsh explains 5 reasons that a Roseburg Oregon real estate agent is better than the internet. My name is Melony Marsh with G Stiles Realty. I am a commercial agent. I am going to give you five ways that an agent is better than an internet site. #1: Values. An internet site just gives … Continued

Catching up with G. Stiles Realty Licensed Broker Jannie Prawitz

Launching a real estate career can be a thrilling experience. Broker Jannie Prawitz gives us her take on life as a realtor with G. Stiles Realty. Being a real estate broker can have its ups and downs. What has been your best moment as a real estate broker? “My best moment was with the last … Continued

Should I Buy A Home Now?

We are often asked if this is a good time to buy a home/property. Some clients are concerned that  prices may fall down the road, while others are convinced that property prices will go up. Property prices are one factor in determining your cost of ownership, but so are interest rates and financing availability. Even though interest … Continued

Make Real Estate Your New Career

G. Stiles Realty recently launched a major effort to find the next class of successful real estate brokers. I am the real estate equivalent of a Pokémon trainer staggering into five lanes of traffic, intent on finding the perfect fit for our family of brokers. I happen to think this is the perfect time for … Continued

Real Estate Offers Time-Tested Investment Strategy

A long career in real estate has taught me about the amazing opportunities that exist in real estate investing. I have always said that investing in real estate is a time-tested investment strategy. It worked for your father (or mother), and his (or her) father, and it can work for you, too. “If you are … Continued